River Hongbao 2019 (RHB 2019) - Bicentennial Edition, an 8-day extravaganza of lights, sights, and sounds to usher in the Year of the Pig, will be held at The Float @ Marina Bay from 3 to 10 February 2019. Since its first rendition in 1987, River Hongbao has become the largest and most anticipated Chinese New Year event in Singapore.

Jointly organised by the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Singapore Tourism Board and People’s Association, this year’s celebration will feature fireworks by award-winning fireworks artists from USA, China, Italy and Australia. Also check out the Instagam-worthy lanterns, performances by local and overseas dance troupes, and other interactive fringe activities held during the 8-days festivity.

Don’t forget to check out the series of contests with amazing prizes to be won - including a pair of Singapore Airlines business class tickets to New York! Head over to the “Contest” tab or follow our social media pages and learn how to win. River Hongbao is open to public and admission is free.


为喜庆猪年的来临,“春到河畔2019”将于2019年2月3日至2月10日在新加坡滨海湾浮动舞台隆重登场。活动由新加坡中华总商会、新加坡宗乡会馆联合总会、新加坡报业控股、新加坡旅游局以及人民协会联合呈献。自1987年开锣以来,“春到河畔”便成为新加坡人庆祝农历新年时,不可或缺的一部分。 在这喜气洋洋的新春佳节里,主办方精心准备了为期8天的一连串精彩节目,以来自美国,中国,意大利,和澳洲的国际烟花秀为主要亮点。另外,璀璨夺目的新年灯饰和精湛多姿的特色歌舞表演也肯定让您耳目一新。

春到河畔2019也特别设置了一系列互动性的周边活动和垂涎三尺的美食街。不仅是一个独具本地特色的春节活动,更是一个合家同欢的嘉年华。 今年,主办放也添加了两项趣味性的摄影竞赛和互联网游戏,让您赢取丰富奖品 - 例如一对飞往美国纽约的飞机票(新航商务舱)。敬请留意春到河畔2019网站和社交媒体了解更多详情。 春到河畔2019入门免费。别忘了, 我们到场见!

About the Logo

This is a logo that embraces the arrival of spring with a modern twist. The Chinese character for Spring “春”is being inverted diagonally to project dynamic and joyous atmosphere. To accentuate the blissful logo, curvy waves are being incorporated to suggest movement and life. This is to echo our intelligent ancestors philosophy―movement and liveliness yield prosperity and wealth. Simultaneously, pink, orange and blue are used to represent warmth, gold and riverside.

Most importantly, the curvy waves are derived from an ancient tool(如意). A tool commonly used in the old days to scratch yourselves beyond reached. Thus, it is also synonymous to “wish granted upon desire”. All in all, the logo comprising diagonal calligraphy and curvy waves radiate dynamic, prosperity and happiness, encompassing well wishes for everyone in a new beginning.


这是一个以时尚的方式象征春暖花开的标志。 “春”字被倾斜倒立以带出动感与喜庆的气氛。除此将“春”字倒转过来也象征“春到(取‘倒’字谐音)了”及春临大地。流线的波浪不但彰显标志的喜悦, 它也同时象征动力与生命。这也应证了我们祖先的真知卓见,动力与生命带来繁荣与财富。桃红,橙 与蓝色带表温暖,黄金与河畔。

最重要的是流线的波浪寓意自‘如意’ 。一种古代相当普偏的抓痒的工具,尤其是帮助你抓不到的地方。所以象征 ‘如您所愿’或者‘心想事成’。结合春联与波浪,这新颖的标志在渗透动力,繁荣与喜悦的同时,也涵盖了新春期间给所有人的吉祥祝福。