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RHB Hacks 2022

春到河畔 编程马拉松 2022

With “Creativity in Sustainability” as the theme for this year’s Mapletree-SCCCI River Hongbao Hackathon (RHBHacks), 11 student entrepreneur teams made their business pitches before a judging panel. They each had innovative business ideas which were anchored on environmental sustainability.

3 teams were shortlisted and will be at Gardens by the Bay with their products.
Remember to check them out at the Trade Stalls!

RHBHacks 2022 is sponsored by Mapletree Investments and supported by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI).


Cofeco is a startup that repurposes Coffee Grounds into products such as Solid Fuel, Accessory Trays and Candles.

Cofeco decided to tackle the problem of coffee wastage as coffee grounds at landfills produces methane which is harmful to the environment.

Cofeco’s mission is to extract maximum potential in coffee grounds and their vision is envisioning a world with zero waste. The founders of Cofeco consists of Kai, Rayson, Anton and Loges.


Commenhers was founded by 5 aspiring young entrepreneurs with an aim to build a business that impacts the world positively. With a heart for fashion, we’ve built Commenhers, a sustainable fashion business that reproduces and sells redesigned upcycled apparels and accessories.

We believe that, while in the pursuit of sustainability, designs can be fun and trendy. Our creations are fully curated by our team where we place great emphasis on creativity to produce fashionable and down to earth product designs. Our wide variety of products are wholly made from upcycled fabric where no two designs are the same.

Unbox !t

A wide range of interchangeable accessories and customised display cases for blind box enthusiasts.