RHB Hacks

In collaboration with Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd and Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the third edition of RHBHacks is aimed at nurturing Singapore’s young entrepreneurs by providing them with a platform to showcase their entrepreneurial works and ideals.

Themed “Forging a Brighter Future”, student entrepreneurs came up with ideas to spotlight the unity and spirit of the “new normal” in Singapore; with incorporation of environmental sustainability and social enterprise elements. Besides using sustainable methods such as modern biodegradable and environmentally friendly technologies, teams also made solving social challenges through business one of their goals.

Students have continued to raise the bar in creativity and innovation by tackling modern-day problems with the latest technologies in 3D-printing, robotics, and harnessing the potential of biodegradable materials.

What's more, part of their sales proceeds will be donated to charities!

Meet the Winning Teams

E-Duo (Print3D, Stalls 17 & 18)

E-duo uses 3D-printing technologies, and environmentally friendly materials to create exquisite bio-degradable ornaments to instantly add character and appeal to any living space. If you’re looking for customization options, you’ve found the right place. Designs are fully customizable, all you need to do is drop them your orders in advance and collect them conveniently a couple of days later.

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Oreo Crush with Pearls (Soapy Loopy, Stalls 19 & 20)

Did the washroom just ran out of soap when you need a squeaky-clean handwash? No worries, Oreo-Crush-With-Pearls has got you covered. Introducing the handmade paper soap sheets! They come in nifty, environmentally-friendly paper packaging ready to be pulled out whenever you need a quick handwash anytime, anywhere. It’s pretty neat to have them around without fear of spillages smearing your beloved pochette.

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Stick ‘Em (Stick ‘Em, Stalls 21 & 22)

Stick’Em is a learning kit created to enable young innovators to bring their ideas to life! Using disposable chopsticks and 3D-printed connectors, children can express their ideas and create rapid prototypes in a way that is affordable and environmentally sustainable. The kit can be further expanded with recycled materials like cardboard and plastic bottles, so the only limit is their imagination.

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