RHBHacks 2024  春到河畔编程马拉松 

RHBHacks 2024 is an entrepreneurship competition designed for students and youth entrepreneurs The theme this year – ‘Together, United, Inclusive’ features products or services that are inclusive to all cultures and languages, with a converge of languages and a melting point of diverse cultures.The four winning teams will get to sell their wares or services during River Hongbao in February 2024 at Gardens by The Bay.RHBHacks is sponsored by Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd and supported by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI).

“春到河畔编程马拉松2024”是一项为学生及青少年而设的商业提案竞赛。活动设立于2019年,今年的主题为 “连结,同心,包容”,鼓励选手融合各种语言和多元文化,由此提出令人耳目一新的点子。四支获胜队伍将在 2024年2月于滨海湾花园举行的春到河畔上贩售自家商品或服务。春到河畔编程马拉松创业竞赛由丰树集团赞助,并获得新加坡中华总商会的支持。

The Winning Teams  优胜队伍


The proposed business, focused on creating inclusive kitchen utensils for the visually impaired, aims to leverage sustainable materials, unique engineering features, and a Singaporean identity-inspired design.


PROJECT I’s Singapore-inspired photobooth at River Hong Bao 2024 offers a unique cultural experience by blending tradition with technology, promoting inclusivity and sustainability, featuring iconic elements in photo strips.

Team Kaius

Don’t Say Bojio, an engaging and affordable Singapore-themed board game, uniquely combines patriotism, bridges relationships, emphasizes sustainability.


Teeny Pots is an innovative and sustainable business offering customizable terrariums crafted from responsibly sourced materials, featuring 3D printed iconic landmarks, with a strong emphasis on low-maintenance, self-sustaining ecosystems.


We are 3R – consisting of Shi Wei, Jun Yong and Laurent.

We came up with pottery kits to create an opportunity for families and friends to unleash their inner creativity and make their own customised ceramic cups.

We believe that this activity can bring many families and friends closer to create not only memories, but also transform a plain ceramic cup to a meaningful colourful multipurpose cup.


Sweetvegandeko is proud to introduce the Deko Plant Kit!

This sustainably designed, self-watering plant kit allows you to grow a plant of choice in any old container or cup. The kit contains a plant holder, soil, seed paper, and educational pamphlet, Our Plant Kit a perfect gift for all. Start your home gardening journey with us today to grow some basil, bok choy, red spinach, mint, or even kang kong!

Sweetvegandeko’s mission is to create sustainable gifts and promote green habits. Our co-founders, Richard Shim Jo and Huang Huanyan, have extensive research, 3D design, and illustration experience. Both founders are deeply committed to inventing products that are fun, educational, and most importantly, sustainable!


Kapaw&co is a sustainable pet food start-up that uses sustainable ingredients such as misfit food, and ugly fruits and vegetables – to produce quality pet food.

Kapaw&co will be launching our delicious festive & exclusive pet treats. These include chicken and pork huat balls, salmon golden torched tarts, fortune tarts and Bee-Infused Pineapple Tarts. During this festive season, we will also be serving our Air-Dried Salmon, Chicken Breast and Beef with no added preservatives or additives! Our paw friends can enjoy Bakwa too!

All our products are human grade food with none of that bad stuffs for your pets!

The people behind Kapaw&co are individuals who volunteer at pet shelters, and are passionate about reducing food waste. With this drive, the team are always on a look out for delicious treats to put a smile on the pets.


Our name Re5ive, comes from us wanting to revive the environment through sustainable living, as our bags are upcycled from unwanted clothing.

The premise of our winning project is to repurpose clothes into sustainable and useful bags. In doing so, we hope to do our part for the environment by decreasing fashion waste created by the fashion industry. We are approaching fashion companies to collect any fabric or clothes that are not suitable for sale.

We work with students from Temasek Polytechnic School of Design to produce A5 sized reversible bags with detachable straps.

We hand pick various fabrics to make each bag one of its kind.