Wishing Well

Sited amongst the 12 Zodiac animals celebrating a bountiful harvest, the design for this year’s Wishing Well is based on a rustic theme to complement the farm scenery.

You are invited to throw in some coins or banknotes, or scan the QR code for cashless donation to make some wishes for yourself, as well as your family and friends. To make the wishing more fun, have a go at striking the bells of blessings with your coins!

All money collected from the Wishing Well will be donated to charity.


欢迎您走上前,投掷硬币或纸钞,或扫码转账的方式,为自己、家人与朋友许愿祈福。您不妨击 响幸福的钟声,增添许愿的乐趣。


Care for the Elderly Foundation (Singapore) 新加坡老人福利基金会

Founded in 1992, Care for the Elderly Foundation (Singapore) is a Home Care service provider for the frail, vulnerable and immobile elderly. We are an Institution of a Public Character ("IPC") and member of the National Council of Social Service.

Many elderly folks wish to be able to age in place and be as close to their loved ones and family as time brings changes to life, health and abilities. At CEF (Singapore), we hope to achieve this wish of the elderly by providing quality health and social care programmes such as home medical, home nursing and home personal care to the frail and immobile elderly.

Support Home Care for Our Elderly

Launch your iBanking app, scan the QR Code and provide your NRIC / FIN No. & Tel. No. in the Reference No. field if you wish to claim tax exemption for your donation. Donations of $20 and above qualify for 2.5 times tax deduction. NRIC/FIN No. is required. Please note that if NRIC/FIN No. is not given OR given incorrectly, we would not be able to process the tax deduction.

God of Fortune
财神爷 - “牛”转乾坤

A perennial favourite at River Hongbao, the God of Fortune is the Chinese god of wealth who brings prosperity, luck and blessings.

The concept for this set piece is based on the theme of“牛”转乾坤 signifying the changing of tides for better changes and bountiful returns in the Year of the Ox.

The main God of Fortune character is shown with hands outstretched with victory hand signs celebrating our resilience in facing challenges and welcoming the new year ahead with optimism.

A magnificent golden ox is featured to symbolise hope for a soaring bull market, rising fortunes and a prosperous year for all!





Main Entrance Gateway

Welcome to River Hongbao 2021! For the first time, the festival is held at Gardens by the Bay.

This year’s festive theme is《春暖花开》which depicts the blossoming of flowers with the arrival of the warm weather of Spring.

The design of this gateway is based on a stylish interpretation of the Chinese style folding screen and decorated with colourful flowers and birds.

We hope you and your family enjoy your visit at River Hongbao 2021!




Entrance Walkway

This enthralling entrance walkway is flanked by giant flowers in various shapes and shades along the sides.

Rows of LED fairy lights linking all together in a canopy of lights overhead, projecting a celebratory festive atmosphere.

Look out for the light projection of flower motif images on the ground along the walkway.

As you enjoy the vibrant colours and celebrate the new spring, remember to post a photo with your loved ones to social media using the official hashtag #RiverHongbao2021 and tag us @RiverHongbaoSG on Facebook or @riverhongbao on Instagram.




当您沉浸在浪漫的春节氛围的当儿,别忘了跟家人们合影留念,并标签#RiverHongbao2021, 在Faceboook上标记@RiverHongbaoSG或在Instagram上标记@riverhongbao。

Spring Blossoms

This floating display perfectly fits the main festival theme《春暖花开》which depicts the blossoming of flowers with the arrival of spring.

The two large and beautiful butterflies in the centre have magnificent wings outlined with LED lights that extend longer than their bodies.

The peony flowers featured here symbolise beauty, honour, wealth and good fortune.

Together with all the colourful butterflies, the blooming flowers welcome the new year with auspicious blessings!

Take a photo and tag us @RiverHongbaoSG on Facebook, @riverhongbao on Instagram and use the official hashtag #RiverHongbao2021 on social media.





镜头下的美照,请别忘了在Faceboook上标记@RiverHongbaoSG,或于Instagram上标记 @riverhongbao,并在各个社交媒体平台标签#RiverHongbao2021。

Charming Lady

Using a photo frame concept, this display showcases a pretty young lady.

She is dressed up in lovely flowers and has gorgeous hair of greenery. Most notably, pay attention to her large charming pair of eyes.

This beautiful floral landscaping ornamented with topiary trees also offers great photo opportunities.

Remember to tag us @RiverHongbaoSG on Facebook, @riverhongbao on Instagram and use the official hashtag #RiverHongbao2021 on social media.




别忘记在Faceboook上标记@RiverHongbaoSG,或于Instagram上标记@riverhongbao,并在各个社 交媒体平台标签#RiverHongbao2021。

Melody of Spring

A grand piano is the centrepiece of this music-themed display. The cover lid is elegantly adorned and colourful flowers are blooming out of the piano set in this lush floral garden.

In accompaniment are 2 musicians – a gentleman violist in tuxedo and a lady harpist in evening gown. The encircling five-line stave are decorated with clefs, notes and other musical symbols.

Please enjoy a moment of melodic harmony surrounded by beautiful landscape.



环绕的五线谱上,跳跃着美妙的音符,穿着燕尾服的小提琴手和晚礼服的竖琴演奏家为此节庆活 动伴奏。


Colourful World

The concept for this set is inspired by “The Starry Night”, a famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Local elements like the Merlion icon are featured to give it a Singaporean twist.

The dynamic effect of this design makes the starry sky appear to leap out of the canvas.

Reflecting the artistic inspiration is a set of oversized art palette and brushes in a multicoloured floral landscape that includes large and pretty tulip flowers.

There are many photo spots to be found in this display of a wonderful and colourful world.





Happy Family

Lunar New Year is traditionally a time for family gathering and to enjoy great feasts.

This set piece highlights a multi-generational family that includes young kids as well as grandparents enjoying a reunion dinner in a garden setting surrounded by large flowers and lanterns.

Dishes commonly seen during reunion dinners include steamboat, chicken, duck, prawn, lobster and abalone.

One of the most popular dish is fish as it denotes Nian Nian You Yu which means continuous abundance and prosperity.


“合家欢”灯组呈现多代同堂家庭,长辈和孩子们正在享用年夜饭,庭院里环绕着花团与灯笼, 气氛祥和、其乐融融。

年夜饭常见的美味佳肴就包括围炉(团圆),鸡鸭(家乡年菜),大虾或龙虾(嘻哈大笑)和鲍鱼 (包您年年有余)。


Purple Fantasy

This imaginative display depicts the arrival of spring in a cute classic car that is blazing with colours and lights.

The concept is inspired by the phrase“万紫千红总是春“ which means the blooming of many bright colours which signify the beauty of spring and an auspicious time for businesses to flourish.

Beds of blooming flowers spring from the engine and car roof in a profusion of purple hues and other lively colours to welcome a prosperous new year.




Blooming Peacock

This magnificent display set is inspired by the beauty of the peacock’s plumage.

It features a large peacock showing off her beautiful tail against a gigantic fan-shaped backdrop. In a modern twist, the feathers are represented by vibrant graphics and infused with dazzling colour-changing LED lights.

Don’t forget to tag @RiverHongbaoSG on Facebook, @riverhongbao on Instagram and use the official hashtag #RiverHongbao2021 on social media.


巨大的扇形背景下,孔雀自豪地展着示华丽的羽毛。经过别具现代感的调适,通过生动的图像和 变幻的LED灯光,呈现开屏的美景。

请记得在Faceboook上标记@RiverHongbaoSG,或于Instagram上标记@riverhongbao,并在各个社 交媒体平台标签#RiverHongbao2021。