“Guardians of Good Fortune: The History of Lion Dance in Singapore” Exhibition @ River Hongbao 2021 醒狮纳福迎新春:新加坡的舞狮文化

Curated by: Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, this year’s exhibition showcases the importance and symbolism of the lion in Chinese culture, highlights the different styles and components of a lion dance performance, and traces the rich history of Chinese lion dance performances in Singapore. A curated selection of lion dance collections from private collectors and organisations will be featured, including various artefacts which date back to as far as 1950s.

Schools involved in Guided Tour Videos: Anderson Secondary School, Catholic High School and River Valley High School

Overview: The 2021 River Hongbao exhibition focuses on the Lion Dance performance, one of the intangible cultural heritage associated with Chinese New Year. The exhibition will highlight the origins of this traditional dance in Chinese culture, the different variants of Lion Dance and the history and evolution of lion dance troupes in Singapore. Additionally, the exhibition will also examine the components of a Lion Dance performance and the meanings behind the colours and design of the lion head to understand what makes for a stellar performance.

今年的展览由晚晴园——孙中山南洋纪念馆策划。展览展示了舞狮在华族文 化中的重要性及象征意义,并强调了舞狮表演时的不同风格和技巧。同时, 还追溯舞狮表演在新加坡的悠久历史。展览也展出了来自机构和私人收藏家 的舞狮珍藏品,其中包括来自1950年代的各种文物。


概述:春到河畔2021的展览将以“舞狮”为主题,它同时也是与农历新年息息 相关的非物质文化遗产之一。展览将重点介绍这项传统表演在中华文化中的 起源,不同的舞狮种类以及新加坡舞狮团体的历史及变革。此外,展览还将 呈现舞狮表演的细节以及狮头颜色和设计的典故与含义,从而了解精湛舞狮 表演的关键所在。