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Live Shows


Feng Shui Tips For Your Home in 2022

Are you shifting in to a new place? Or are you just someone dipping your toes into the art of Feng Shui recently? Whichever the case, we invite you to follow Feng Shui Master Mark Tan (陈俊元) and UFM100.3 DJ Xiaozhu (小猪) for some practical Feng Shui tips for your home in 2022. We don’t expect any heavy-lifting or drastic overhaul to your current setup, just simple, practical tips for everyone! 

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Fortune Predictions for the Year of the Water Tiger:
1-on-1 with Grand Master Tan and UFM 100.3 DJ Weilong

Usher in the new year with blessings and positivity! Join Grand Master (GM) Tan Khoon Yong (陈军荣) as he shares his predictions for the Year of the Water Tiger with UFM100.3 DJ Weilong (伟龙) on 22 Jan on Facebook Live. Stay around after his sharing session for a live Q&A segment to get personalised tips and readings for your family and loved ones.

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Zodiacs In Harmony: Virtual Tang Yuan Making Class

Tang Yuan (汤圆) is usually consumed on the last day of Chinese New Year or Yuan Xiao (元宵). In Chinese tradition, Tang Yuan is considered to be a lucky food, signifying reunion and harmony.

Learn how to make adorable zodiac Tang Yuan from Shirley Tan from Knead to Inspire, who is best known for her exceptional skill in crafting delectable pastries into lovable cartoon figures.


River Hongbao In A Day

UFM 100.3FM DJs Chengyao (承尧), Limei (丽梅), Xiaozhu (小猪) and Andrew (靖禾) will be racing across Gardens by the Bay discovering lanterns and hot spots at River Hongbao 2022.

This series will be in 2 parts, on 2 Feb 2022 and 4 Feb 2022.


Nightly Festive Shows

Tune in live to the central stage area at Gardens by the Bay every evening from 30 Jan to 4 Feb! 

Catch fascinating performances from the crowd-pleasing Getai shows to action-packed martial arts display and melodious music performances from your couch.

Daily Lantern Riddles Show

Tune in to the ‘Daily Lantern Riddles Show’ for perhaps some of the most mind-boggling riddles you’ll ever come across. You’ll need more than just cracking your brain to solve one of these, though putting a few brains together might help.

Keep your eyes peeled for the interlude segment at the beginning of every night’s livestream for a chance to win attractive prizes!