POSB Hunt Your Zodiac 2021

POSB Hunt Your Zodiac 2021 will happen island-wide from 10-14 February. 

To start playing, first visit the game website – https://posb.hyz.sqkii.com via a mobile device and log in to your DBS PayLah! Account. Getting on from here will be a breeze, as you’ll be taken through an interactive tutorial on the game features like how to hunt your zodiacs, the types of angbaos available and how to win them.

To help you with your hunt, we’ve prepared this Hunter’s Guide. For more tips and tricks, follow River Hongbao’s Facebook (@riverhongbaosg) and Instagram (@riverhongbao)!

You can hunt Zodiac Animals all over Singapore. Some animals will come with Angbaos worth between S$1.08 and S$88.00 each.

You can redeem up to 12 of these Zodiac Angbaos over the course of the hunt.

We will regularly set Combination Challenges that require you to hunt a specific set of Zodiac Animal Types. Complete the set and earn a Combination Angbao.

Each Combination Angbao is worth up to S$188.

Catch all 60 Zodiac Animals (12 Animal Types X 5 elements) and you will get a chance to win a Golden Angbao. This is worth up to S$8,888!

And finally: if you haven’t already, get your DBS PayLah! app. All your Angbao money from this hunt will be credited directly into it.

You don’t have to wait till 10 February, get DBS PayLah! right now.