Lanterns have been one of River Hongbao's key attractions year after year. They are an integral piece in Chinese cultural celebrations because they symbolize wishes for a brighter future. Create the perfect photo opportunity with more than 20 dazzling lantern pieces at River Hongbao 2020, with the largest lantern set stretching over 50m long, and the tallest lantern up to 18m high.

Main Entrance Arch


Welcome to River Hongbao 2020! As this is the Year of the Rat, the design of the Main Entrance Arch features a distinctive shape of an adoring rat, whose curvy silhouette forms the entrance archway. Known as an affectionate character in the Chinese Zodiac, the family of rats is seen here playing together, highlighting the importance of parent-child relationship (亲子关系). This distinctive arch is also decorated with many motifs of both old and new coins, welcoming the New Year with blessings of abundance and prosperity. We hope you and your family enjoy your visit at River Hongbao 2020!


Entrance Walkway


Start your journey at River Hongbao 2020 by walking through the dazzling walkway inspired by tropical trees which are linked by rows of fairy lights in a zigzag pattern leading towards the main event grounds of River Hongbao. As you immerse yourself in the vibrant colours of this festive atmosphere, post a photo with your loved ones to social media using the hashtag #RiverHongbao2020 and tag us @RiverHongbao.

春到河畔2020之旅从绚丽夺目,“热带树木”陪衬的长廊出发。串串彩灯点缀着长廊两侧风格化的树木,引领大家走向春到河畔的主要活动场地。当您沉浸在五彩缤纷的节日氛围时,别忘了跟亲朋戚友合影留念,并标记@RiverHongbao,标签 #RiverHongbao2020。

God of Fortune Lantern Set Piece


One of the mainstays of the annual River Hongbao is the ever-popular God of Fortune who brings prosperity, luck and blessings to you and your family. This year, he has in one hand a Ruyi (如意) sceptre which represents good fortune, while in his other hand, an abacus, which is a traditional calculating tool used for counting money. The abacus is an appropriate symbol in the Year of the Rat as the Chinese character of “count” (数 shǔ) draws similar pronunciation from “rat” (鼠 shǔ) in mandarin. Hence, the shower of gold coins and the overflow of gold ingots symbolise an abundance of wealth and prosperity (让你数钱数不完)!


Gold Confetti Shower Timing:
23 January: 8 pm, 9.30 pm
24 January: 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm
25 January to 28 January: 7 pm, 8 pm, 10 pm
29 January to 30 January: 7 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm
31 January to 1 February: 6.30 pm, 10 pm

Happy Chinese New Year!
A Time for Family Celebration

过年了! 合家欢乐

This large mural-style lantern set features how we celebrate Chinese New Year in our own Singaporean style, based on the theme “Harmonious Family, Happy New Year! (过年了! 合家欢乐)”. The Chinese character “家” emphasised here has many layers of meaning. It denotes the Chinese family passing down the traditional cultural practices to the next generation. In addition, Singaporeans also celebrate our festivals within our multicultural and multiracial community. In this way, we foster a harmonious society by sharing happiness and joy together as one big family.

The key highlights in this display include Singaporeans at the Chinatown Festive Bazaar shopping for New Year goodies and spring couplets (Chinese calligraphy with auspicious phrases). During the New Year season, we will dress up, visit and greet relatives and even neighbours of different ethnic groups. Many Singaporeans also enjoy watching dragon and lion dances as well as street parades during the season. Many locals of all races will make use of the holiday period to visit gardens and parks including Haw Par Villa, a large recreational theme park, that features Chinese folklores and legends.

“过年了!合家欢乐”大型壁画灯组,呈现新加坡人庆祝农历新年的独特风貌。“家”这个汉字具有多层含义:家具有传承的内涵,将传统文化习俗世代相传。此外,新加坡人跟多元文化,多元种族的社区一同庆祝节庆,就像一个大家庭,同欢共乐的当儿,建立和谐交融的社会。“过年了!合家欢乐”灯组,精彩地呈现新加坡人办年货的热潮。牛车水的户外年货市场人山人海,大家纷纷采购应节食品,吉祥的装饰物和春联。新年期间,我们还会精心打扮,探望亲朋戚友,向其他种族的邻居问好。 许多新加坡人喜欢看舞龙和舞狮,龙狮会串是新年的户外表演和妆艺游行必备的重头戏。各族人士也趁着新春佳节尽享游园之乐,虎豹别墅丰富的民间传说和神话雕塑是游园亮点之一。

New Year's Eve
Dinner Lantern Set Piece


Using the rising popularity of food delivery services as the platform and the Singapore skyline as the backdrop, this set piece features the Chinese tradition of New Year’s Eve Dinner (年夜饭) where families will gather to have a great feast. Popular dishes include steamboat, chicken/ duck, prawn, abalone, fish and Yu Sheng (鱼生) or “Prosperity Toss Salad”. As we celebrate Chinese New Year in the modern age, let’s not forget to observe the tradition of Family Reunion and cherish Family Values.


Special Effects:
The Singapore skyline and heartland neighbourhood graphics scrolling across the background create the illusion of the food delivery bicycle and motorbike in motion as the vehicles deliver traditional cuisine to our homes.


Jin Yu Man Tang Lantern Set Piece


Gold (金) and Jade (玉) are symbols of prosperity. Jin Yu Man Tang (金玉满堂) thus signifies abundant wealth and prosperity. At the same time, the characters “金玉” also sound like “金鱼” (goldfish). Inspired by the wordplay, this display features graceful goldfishes swimming in an opulent fishbowl with elegant motifs.


Special Effects:
• Look out for the swimming goldfishes! This is made possible by a built-in revolving mechanism inside the central pillar in the fishbowl.
• Watch out for the bubbles! In regular intervals, a concealed machine will release bubbles to enhance the water-based theme of this display.

• 当心迎面而来的金鱼–通过鱼缸中央支柱内的旋转装置,呈现金鱼的风采。

Spring Blossoms Lantern Set Piece


The passing of Winter marks the arrival of the new Spring season. As the weather begins to warm up, butterflies and bees get busy, and flowers bloom – much to everyone’s delight. This charming display showcases a cluster of orchid flowers in full blossom. Besides walking around to enjoy the sea breeze and to soak up the festive atmosphere, you are invited to take photos of the flowers against the backdrop of the stunning Marina Bay skyline. Don’t forget to tag us @RiverHongbao with the hashtag #RiverHongbao2020 on social media.

冬天已到尽头,大地万紫千红,蜜蜂穿梭花丛间,蝴蝶起舞报春忙。迷人的“春暖花开”光影下,胡姬花锦簇盛开。您不妨在旖旎的滨海湾天际线的衬托下与繁花合影,或者在和风吹拂下轻歌漫步,沉浸在春节的氛围中。镜头下的美照,别忘了标记 @RiverHongbao,标签#RiverHongbao2020。

Windmill Lantern Set Piece


This set piece showcases three windmills with the auspicious blessings of Fu Lu Shou (福禄寿), gods of the three stars which represents Prosperity, Status and Longevity. The first windmill proclaims the start of a new 12-year zodiac cycle with the arrival of the Year of the Rat which brings Fortune and Wealth (福). The next windmill highlights the importance of lifelong learning and continuous training to attain Prosperity and Status (禄). The third windmill focuses on maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle for Wellness and Longevity (寿).


Wishing Tree Lantern Set Piece


In many cultures and traditions, wishing trees symbolise healing and fulfilling of one’s hopes and dreams. This River Hongbao 2020, we present to you a futuristic Wishing Tree with a spellbinding glow of mystery and wisdom. Do come forward and make a wish for yourself, your family and friends by throwing in coins or banknotes. To make the wishing more fun, have a go at striking the bells of blessings! All monies collected will be donated to charity.

许多文化与习俗都以许愿树来完善希望与梦想。眼前的许愿树融合未来主义与抽象派风格,迷人的光芒中散发出奥秘与智慧。欢迎您走上前来,投掷硬币或纸钞,为自己和家人朋友许愿祈福。您不妨尝试击响幸福的钟声,增添许愿的乐趣。 收集到的所有款项将全额捐赠给慈善机构。

Lantern Riddle Booth


The decorative theme for the lantern riddle booth is based on a vintage beaded curtain made from rolled-up recycled magazine paper. These colourful beaded strands were once popular during the hippie 60s. The bright colours and fun design will create a festive and joyous mood for you and your family whilst celebrating the Year of the Rat.

射虎台的装饰采用由旧杂志制成的传统珠帘,上世纪60年代的嬉皮士时期,这类七彩珠串曾经风行一时。 我们希望鲜艳的色彩和趣味性设计,能为您和家人的新年增添愉悦欢乐。