A Harbour And Home: The Singapore River Through Time

“A Harbour and Home: The Singapore River Through Time” takes you through a historical ride into our past, exploring the factors that led Singapore to its pinnacle success today. Take a close and personal look into the way of life of our forefathers and how they contributed to Singapore's rise as a global trading port in the early days.

Embark on this eye-opening journey with us in a replica of a junkboat, an important icon for trade that decorated the shores of Singapore in the 1900's.

Entry is free for all members of public.

让我们一起进入历史走廊,游览新加坡的发展史,回溯狮城早期的商贸活动,感恩长辈们的努 力耕耘, 让我们一步一脚印的成为区域的交通枢纽,进步现代的花园城市智慧国。